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What are the benefits of Eventory Planning?

Eventory Planning is your personal assistant when it comes to your and your team’s event participation. You will no longer need dozens of Excel spreadsheets, long email conversations and difficult budgeting processes to take care of the entire project. Moreover, our system will help you choose events that are really beneficial for your team and company.

Planning your budget and team's work

Using Eventory Planning couldn’t be easier - your team members send you requests to participate in a desired event and you simply either accept or deny. You will wisely plan your budget, team’s work, and make sure your employees are constantly developing, all with the use of one tool. This goes hand in hand with avoiding unwanted situations connected with not having enough available resources to work with because e.g. everyone is attending the same event.

Your team's event history in one place

Eventory Planning is not only a tool for management but will also help you get rid of countless Excel spreadsheets. You will find all data concerning your team’s event participation in one spot, such as each employee’s history of attended events and their ratings, even if this person no longer works for you. With Eventory Planning, you are always able to check if a given event is worth going to once more.

Easy evaluation of events' profitability

Make sure that you buy tickets, for the event you want to attend, at the lowest price possible. Right after you add the event into the system, it will inform you about any price changes. Eventory Planning will also help in coordinating event participation of teams from different departments, which often don’t know that they will be attending the same event. This will reduce transport, accommodation and stand costs.

Individual company profile

Every time your employee attends an event, it builds your company’s profile. Our system then studies your patterns, learns about your preferences and suggests events you might be interested in.

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