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Have you ever wondered if your employees participate in events efficiently? If the events they choose to attend are right for them? How do you know if they are worth going to and it’s not a waste of time? Are you sure these events will give your team new skills or allow it to make new business connections?

The entire project of events is one of the biggest costs a company has. The tickets are not the biggest issue here, but the time your employees dedicate to attending events. This is why it is crucial to choose events worth participating in because they help your team grow and drive new business. Managers have to decide responsibly, but they lack the right tools. We are here to change that.

Marketing managers

Increase lead generation at events

Your team attends events in order to generate new leads. Certainly, often enough you had this experience of completing the arduous process of planning the entire year and deciding how much of your budget should be dedicated to which events that your employees attend. Normally, you exchange tons of emails with your team trying to decide on which event may generate the most leads. With Eventory Planning, we are here to help you with this long process. Let’s end the countless emails and Excel spreadsheets. Eventory Planning will allow you to smartly manage your team’s participation in events while building your company’s profile to recommend you conferences and trade shows that might be beneficial for your business. Thanks to this, you have insight into the most important events for you and can be sure you are not missing anything crucial for your business.

Sales managers

Plan a meeting with your potential customer at an event

B2B sales are not a one-time transaction but a constant process of building relationships. There is no better place to nurture or start new ones than at events. As a sales manager, you don't have time for ineffectual meetings. Everything you do has a great impact on the company's performance, so you need to plan your time smartly. A well-used conference means saving time, money and shows good management of a sales process. What is most often missing when it comes to events? Accurate planning. It means verifying potential date collisions, checking who else from your organization is attending, making sure your customers (current and potential) will be there and scheduling meetings with them. It all leads to making better decisions about your and your team's participation in events. Eventory Planning is the key to effective sales at events.

IT Managers

We all "love" deadlines, but they are an integral part of IT management

Upskilling is just as crucial to IT departments as deadlines. How often do those two elements intersect, because your team finds out about an incredibly valuable conference at the very last minute, right when they are needed to finish a project? It is difficult to manage your team's participation in events in a way that programmers on duty don't feel left out. Wouldn't it be easier if you could deftly control the entire process? Thanks to Eventory Planning, instead of exchanging dozens of emails, you can work on one complex dashboard, easily analyze who will spend how much time at conferences during a year, which skills will be developed and how much it will impact your department's budget. Your team attends events very often and you need to have full control over this process.

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