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Eventory Planning is a part of the entire Eventory ecosystem, aimed at marketing, sales, IT managers and everyone who is in charge of their team’s budget for conferences, trade shows etc. We work with different sides of events (organizers, exhibitors, attendees) and when seeing their challenges, we try to help them. That is basically how Eventory Planning was born.

The story behind Eventory Planning

Helping our customers to ease their event organizing process and increase attendee engagement with the Eventory platform, we learned that many struggle with managing their team’s participation in conferences and trade shows. They have to plan their budget ahead and assume who goes to how many events. It starts a long chain of emails and Excel spreadsheets leading to a certain plan for the entire year. Next, by the end of the year, managers must evaluate whether these events were worth going to; if their employees truly learned something and/or brought new business thanks to connections made at the venue. Based on emails and dozens of different files it’s impossible to decide if it was a good decision to participate. Without a qualitative evaluation, all they can do is compare costs but it isn’t a valuable assessment. Seeing this challenge, we came up with a simple solution – Eventory Planning, a handy tool to manage your team’s events easily.

Eventory Planning story

Meet our team

Launched in 2014, Eventory started off as a mobile app and has since evolved into a complete online event platform that meets the needs of event organizers, exhibitors and attendees. As former event planners with over 10 years of experience, we have seen and experienced many challenges while organizing an event and decided to create a perfect solution. Now, we are on a mission to make Eventory the global standard in event management. Eventory Planning is yet another piece of our ecosystem aiming to streamline events related processes within a company.

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Eventory is an all-in-one event management, marketing and networking software for professional event organizers seeking to streamline the organization process.

Eventory’s main components replace 5+ tools that any event professional would have to use separately, saving them lots of effort, time and money.

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