Manage your team, time and budget for events smoothly.

Start using Eventory Planning to manage your team’s event attendance. Replace endless chain of emails and Excel spreadsheets with one agile solution and have online access to your event activity. Get it under control.

Why Eventory Planning?


You know that feeling when you receive and send tons of emails, Excel spreadsheets about your team’s event attendance. There’s just so much noise!


Your major problem is that you don’t really know which events you and your team should actually attend. Which will be truly valuable to your business? Where will you meet your potential clients?


At some point you lose control over your event budget and have no idea who goes when to an event. You might even end up with an entire team gone for a few days to a conference, because you didn’t see that ahead. A nightmare…


Eventory Planning will help you with all that. It’s an easy to use tool that will help you control your event budget, throw out the need of countless emails and spreadsheets and suggest you the right events for your business to attend.

Finally I can find the most valuable events where my clients go!


Find the most relevant events for you and your business

With thousands of available events, it is really hard to find the true value for your business. Leave it to Eventory Planning. Get notifications when your prospects decide to join an event, find suggestions about the best events for you based on your individual profile.

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