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Your team is attending some events and you are wondering if it was worth it

Every time you want to plan your budget for event participation or analyze your expenses for events and their effectiveness, you sink in countless spreadsheets trying to decide if it was worth it. You wonder: if you spent $50K on events, did that result in a ton of leads? How much time did your employees spend at events? Were those the right ones? Maybe they couldn’t really plan them well? Thanks to Eventory Planning you no longer have to guess, instead, you can get rid of endless Excel files and plan your team’s event attendance more efficiently.

Find the best event for your company

While planning events you try to search through all event catalogs you know and ask your customers what events they are planning to attend - all to make sure your time and money are justifiably spent. Until now, how could you do that? The only way was to engage your co-workers to search for the name of the event on Internet so you could plan your participation. Wouldn’t it be easier, if there was a system that, after learning about your preferences, suggested events you should attend in order to grow your business?

Save costs and enjoy your event

Often enough, attendees wait with the purchase decision until interesting information about the event is published. News come up, but people miss out on subsequent pricing thresholds, eventually ending up paying much more than they intended. Eventory Planning solves this problem by immediately letting you know when the price changes.

Make better decisions

Knowing your team’s event preferences well, how effective they were when it comes to lead generation and business growth, you can start responsible planning with real data. You no longer have to guess, but base your decisions on veritable facts in order to make sure the events your team attends will help you grow your business.

How it works

Start using Eventory Planning to manage your team’s participation in events more effectively. Replace endless chain emails and Excel spreadsheets with one agile solution and have online access to information about the best events for your team. All you need to do is create your organization’s profile, invite your co-workers and you can start planning responsibly. Your team members add events they would like to attend and you can easily accept or reject their request. With every event attended, Eventory Planning builds your company’s individual profile and recommends conferences, trade shows etc. that fit your team’s preferences best. You don’t know where you could meet your clients, business partners or favorite speakers? Once you upload your prospect list, Eventory Planning will show you events in which the participants are people you want to meet.

Transform your event contacts into contracts

Turn your contact list from CRM into information about where you could meet certain people in order to maximize chances of reaching your potential customers.

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